The use of tags allows you to select a subset of the sites from big Maigret DB for search.

Warning: tags markup is not stable now.

There are several types of tags:

  1. Country codes: us, jp, br… (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2). These tags reflect the site language and regional origin of its users and are then used to locate the owner of a username. If the regional origin is difficult to establish or a site is positioned as worldwide, no country code is given. There could be multiple country code tags for one site.

  2. Site engines. Most of them are forum engines now: uCoz, vBulletin, XenForo et al. Full list of engines stored in the Maigret database.

  3. Sites’ subject/type and interests of its users. Full list of “standard” tags is present in the source code only for a moment.


--tags us,jp – search on US and Japanese sites (actually marked as such in the Maigret database)

--tags coding – search on sites related to software development.

--tags ucoz – search on uCoz sites only (mostly CIS countries)